Monday, 3 October 2011

Six of the Best: Introducing the fascinating author Alberta Ross.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

I had to ask my friend from forever/editor this one as I didn’t think there was anything to tell and she informs it’s because despite being a shy introvert with very few social skills I decided to travel the world on my own and made a fair job of it.  Although labelled stupid at school I took myself off to University when I was forty and achieved 2 degrees and despite being a pensioner have decided to write full time even though I cannot spell or punctuate.  (She’s an amazing friend/editor!).  Also that I have always followed my principles even when they have been unpopular.

What themes do you find yourself returning to in your writing?

I guess that would be our brains; I am endlessly fascinated in how our brains, memories, influences work on our character formation.   So psychology, anthropology, children, damaged adults are recurring themes. 

What does literary success look to you?

At my age I was never looking to supporting myself by writing, success for me is if I can write stories someone else enjoys reading.  Being an avid reader myself it is tremendously exciting to see others enjoying my books.  The day copies went into our county library was also success for me.

Who are your literary idols?

I don’t do idols but there are some authors I enjoy and have great respect for; authors such as Tolkien, Dickens and Thackeray.  These because they can handle huge cast lists with such ease; every character, however minor, is exquisitely drawn, believable and of importance.  Their descriptions of locales and characters are second to none and the stories draw a person in and never disappoint. You just have to give your time to them!

Which one of your own pieces is your personal favourite?

Difficult one that. A WIP obviously is always a favourite or you wouldn’t be writing it but a couple of my short stories come high on the list and a work that is not written yet is my top favourite!  I thought it out twenty years ago and it’s been nestling in my brain ever since; I’m going to resurrect it come NaNo this year.

Where can we find out more about you and your writing?

I’ll give you my links but I will add if you really want to know more this book tour has involved many interviews and I feel quite naked now with the amount of information that has been drawn out of me.  where extracts, interviews, readers comments and purchase links can be found where I blog about writing and my books, the details of all the stops on this tour can be found there as well where I blog about whatever takes my fancy and my interests.  where I spend a great deal of time retweeting interesting (I find them so) articles and blogs on my interests.

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