Thursday, 17 February 2011

Welcome one and all.

In the next few days this place is going to get busy for the first time, since I'll be inviting all of the members of the wonderful 'Fellow Writers' FB group to follow me and check out the site. The time is fast approaching for me to boost my profile in time for the publication of a couple of my books in July and September.
I'll be blogging once a week and tweeting/FBing every day once I've tweaked this site properly tomorrow and extended invites. I'd love to add your own site as a link (no idea how to do that yet, but I'll be finding out!) and it matters not whether you're a writer, the more the merrier.
Ciao for now, love Drew x

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! Getting started, and generating traffic is tough. But all you have to do is reach out. Already got you added to my links list. :)